What is the BodPod®?

  • The BodPod® uses air displacement to measure the volume of the body.
  • From the measurement, body fat and fat free (lean) mass can be determined.

Why Use the BodPod®?

  • Gold Standard for body composition assessment.
  • It is a quick, comfortable and highly accurate method for calculating a person's body composition (fat and fat-free mass).
  • It is a good way to evaluate your training regimen.
  • It informs your trainer how best to tailor your fitness program.
  • Informs you if your fat mass percentage is putting you at increased health risk.

BodPod® Test Protocol

  • Your height and weight will be measured.
  • The testing needs to be done while wearing minimal clothing so that excess air does not get trapped in your clothing. You will be measured wearing a swimming costume (please bring your own with you) with a swimming cap (we can supply) over your hair.
  • You will need to sit very still inside the BodPod® for 2 x 1 minute periods.
  • Total testing session time is 30 minutes.

Pre test requirements

  • No food or exercise for 3 hrs prior.
  • All jewellery needs to be removed.
  • Dressed in swimming costume (you will need to bring this with you) and swimming cap (we can supply).