Did you know adults can use our Body Composition Laboratory for body fat and calorie testing?

Find out how much body fat you have, and your body's basic calorie requirements at our Body Composition Laboratory. Our state-of-the-art equipment and methods include:

  • BodPod® testing to accurately measure your body's fat mass and lean mass.
  • Resting Energy Expenditure testing individually and accurately assesses your body's calorie requirements at rest. 

These results give you invaluable information about your body's health status and can help inform your training to ensure you are getting maximum results!

Who would benefit?

  • Elite sporting teams and organisations.
  • Individual athletes.
  • Anyone interested in general health, fitness and weight loss.

Download our Body fat and calorie testing flyer

Costs and Inclusions

Costs and Inclusions

Each BodPod test costs only $50, and each REE is $90. All tests include:

  • A report of your individual results;
  • A letter explaining your results; and
  • An opportunity to discuss your results with qualified, scientists and health professionals.

Package deals:

Evaluate your training goals long-term: Pre-purchase 3 BodPod visits and we will give you a 4th for free!

BodPod packages can be shared between people (names of people to be shared with must be given at time of payment)

All proceeds go toward research in childhood nutrition in health and disease at the Children's Nutrition Research Centre.

Test Information

Test Information

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