The WHO Collaborating Centre for Children’s Health and the Environment forms part of the Children's Health and Environment Program (CHEP), at the Child Health Research Centre at The University of Queensland. CHEP has formed active collaborations with groups within UQ that have recognised expertise in population health and environmental health, such as the School of Public Health (SPH), the Centre for Burden of Disease and Cost-Effectiveness, and the National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology (ENTOX). These groups have not previously had a focus on children’s health.

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WHO Collaborating Centres Network for Children's Environmental Health

The UQ Collaborating Centre is part of a wider network of centres for Children's Environmental Health. The network aims to prevent disease and injury and promote children's well-being through healthier environments.

The Network's overall goal is to improve children's health by preventing or reducing environmental threats through:

  • Building evidence and research capacities in global children's environmental health.
  • Coordinating and conducting collaborative children's environmental health research.
  • Raising awareness of global children's environmental health issues through improved education and communication strategies.
  • Developing interventions aimed at capacity building, reducing exposure, and preventing or decreasing the burden of disease for children.