Kidsafe Queensland

CHEP has formed an alliance with Kidsafe Queensland to provide simple information to parents about environmental exposures in the home and how these may impact on children's health. Fact sheets of the following topics can be viewed on the Kidsafe website

Children and their Environment: describes common dangers to children in their environments.

Household products: describes harmful chemicals in the home and how they may affect children.

Indoor pollutants: describes sources of indoor air pollution that can affect children and how to prevent exposures.

Noise: explains how children are vulnerable to excessive noise and how to prevent exposures.

Renovating: explains what to do and not to do in renovating when pregnant women or young children are in a home.

Sun Exposure: explains the balance between beneficial and detrimental sun exposures.

Tobacco smoke: highlights the dangers of tobacco smoke to children both before and after birth.

Links to other Kidsafe fact sheets and publications can also be found on the Kidsafe website

A Home Safety Checklist is available to download.