Paediatric Critical Care Research Group

The Paediatric Critical Care Research Group (PCCRG) was established in 2008 and is a collaboration of researchers in the field of paediatric critical care medicine based at the Queensland Children's Hospital (QCH) in the Division of Critical Care with the largest paediatric critical care service (PICU) in Australia and New Zealand. Our group has established a strong research background, with the highest number of peer-reviewed studies published in the field of paediatric critical care in Australia. Research areas include, but are not limited to, paediatric respiratory, infectious and cardiac critical care as well a strong interest in neurodevelopment, psychosocial research and long term outcome. We also collaborate with a number of key stakeholders in Queensland to efficiently translate research findings and to run several clinical quality and service delivery programs.

Key to the success of our group is an inclusive approach for problem solving and collaborating with metropolitan and regional hospitals in Queensland. Extensive national research collaboration with all tertiary children’s hospitals in Australia and New Zealand allowed the PCCRG to become the lead centre for all major research projects in paediatric critical care. This effort has been now internationally recognised by collaboration with European and UK research groups. Members of PCCRG are frequently invited as keynote speakers at international meetings and have won some major research awards. 

The collaborative and inclusive spirit of PCCRG has fostered further collaborations and has helped to secure new research projects in several paediatric disciplines with other national and international paediatric research groups. PCCRG has strong connections and existing research grants with the national Emergency Medicine Foundation resulting in collaborations nationwide with paediatric emergency departments.  New and promising research opportunities and relationships are also evolving in paediatric anaesthesia, cardiac surgery and cardiology.  Several of these projects are innovative and leading the way in international collaboration. 

PCCRG is also strongly affiliated to the adult equivalent research Critical Care Research Group at the Prince Charles Hospital.  This strong connection is the most successful collaboration between paediatric and adult intensive care in Australia and has produced a great amount of research and grants. Our vision is to establish an academic paediatric critical care research group nested in the largest paediatric division of critical care in Australia and New Zealand and strive to become an international centre of excellence.

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