Researcher biography

Denise is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow with the Musculoskeletal Research Group, Children's Health Research Centre at the University of Queensland. With a focus on paediatrics with musculoskeletal complications and challenged movement behaviours, being able to develop valid, reliable and feasible pathways for participant lead activity programs, is a key driving force in her diverse work ethic. Currently she is Trial Manager for the MRFF Study, "The Australian CP Musculoskeletal Health Network" a longitudinal study looking at early biomarkers of musculoskeletal complications in children with moderate to severe CP.

Denise has extensive clinical and teaching skills from an initial career in the Corporate Health and Fitness and subsequent work in Malaysia, England and with the AASFP in Hong Kong. With a unique and eclectic toolkit of exercise prescription expertise, she has been highly successful to 'action' positive behavioural and physical change in many individuals and groups.

She has presented her work at several international and national conferences; is an accredited ESSA member, on Faculty for the ANZBMS and an APEG, Paediatric Bone Working Group member.