Chief Investigators

Leanne Sakzewski, Roslyn Boyd, Megan Kentish, Jenny Ziviani

Associate Investigators

Elissa Cox, Rebecca Watson-Brown

Project Description

This study aims to evaluate effectiveness of a Multifaceted Implementation program (MI) for occupational therapists (OTs) to increase the quality and dose of therapy for children with hemiplegia compared to Single faceted Implementation program (SI). The MI program includes audit/feedback, barrier identification and interactive education. The SI program will provide audit/feedback alone. The major hypotheses to be tested is: (1) MI compared to SI program will lead to a greater amount (increased dose) of contemporary, goal directed Evidence based UL rehabilitation for children with hemiplegia; (ii) Children with hemiplegia receiving rehabilitation from OTs in the MI group will achieve greater change in identified functional goals and UL outcomes compared to teams in SI group. The costs and consequences of the MI and SI programs will be monitored to determine costs and outcomes which will have implications for future service delivery.


Occupational therapists and physiotherapists working with children with unilateral cerebral palsy are eligible for inclusion. We are seeking therapists working in the following geographical locations:

  1. Townsville
  2. Sunshine Coast
  3. Brisbane
  4. Gold Coast


Dr Leanne Sakzewski, Ph: +61 7 3069 7345, E: