Project Title: A Motivational Physiotherapy Program to Facilitate Participation in Physical Activities for Kids with Cerebral Palsy.

Chief Investigators

Sarah Reedman, Dr Leanne Sakzewski, Prof Roslyn Boyd

About the Study

We want to know if a new, integrative approach to Physiotherapy is effective at helping kids with CP to become more physically active. We also want to know if this approach works because it encourages the caregiver to support their child’s autonomy, or if it changes how children are motivated to engage in healthy behaviours. Children and their primary caregiver will have up to 8 face-to-face sessions with a Physiotherapist in an 8 week period. Unlike ‘regular’ Physiotherapy, this program will focus on many of the less visible barriers to full participation, rather than on the child’s visible impairments or limitations.

The approach will be strengths-based, highly individualised, and purposefully designed to fit in with family life. The Physiotherapist will work in partnership with the caregiver and their child to set and achieve goals related to being physically active. ALL eligible participants will receive the intervention at no cost. Children and their caregiver will need to commit to being available for a follow-up assessment.

Recruitment Criteria

This research study will soon be looking for volunteers:

  • Children with cerebral palsy (all motor types) born 2004-2008 who will still be enrolled in primary school in 2016,
  • Living within 200km of South Brisbane, Queensland, and
  • The child’s primary caregiver (one person who has a major ‘parenting’ role)

This study is not limited to children who can walk with or without a walker or sticks; children who self-propel wheelchairs will also be able to participate.


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