Laboratory puts New Year’s resolutions to the test

22 Dec 2011

With obesity at epidemic levels, The University of Queensland’s Children’s Nutrition Research Centre is opening its Body Composition Laboratory in the New Year to help Brisbane residents keep fit, not fat, in 2012.

For a small fee, the hi-tech laboratory will offer body composition and resting energy expenditure testing to members of the public who are seeking accurate information about their percentage body fat and lean body tissue, and the amount of energy their body uses while at rest.

Body Composition Laboratory Manager, Dr Alexia Murphy said body composition testing could determine what an individual’s body weight was made up of and how many calories a person should be consuming to maintain a healthy body composition.

"It is a great starting point for someone embarking on a weight loss program or training schedule to maximise their chances of good health and training outcomes in the New Year,” Dr Murphy said.

“Our testing is painless and far more sophisticated and accurate than anything you’ll find in your local gym.

"Regular testing will help those embarking on a weight loss program to ensure they are losing fat, not muscle.

"It will also assist those on strict training regimes stay in top physical condition to give them the competitive edge.

"It’s a great motivator to help people keep their New Year’s healthy living resolutions.”

The Body Composition Laboratory has been offering body composition testing on a limited basis to members of the public since early 2011 and, with popularity growing for the service, the laboratory plans to increase testing in 2012.

The Body Composition Laboratory is based at Brisbane’s Royal Children’s Hospital, Herston, and is one of the best equipped of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

The laboratory is usually used for paediatric nutrition research and clinical testing of sick children.

All proceeds from testing contribute to research at the Children’s Nutrition Research Centre, School of Medicine, The University of Queensland.

People interested in testing at the Body Composition Laboratory should call (07) 3636 1981, email or visit:

Media: UQ Children’s Nutrition Research Centre Communications and Fundraising Officer, Kate Gadenne (ph: 07 3636 9271 mobile: 0438 727 895 email: