About our Centre

Welcome to the UQ Child Health Research Centre 

Launched in 2015, the Child Health Research Centre (CHRC) brings together leading researchers to tackle global challenges in child and adolescent health.

Child Health is a critical area to invest research effort. Evidence is mounting that the health of a person at their conception, during gestation and during their early years may determine how healthy they will be throughout life. Research that aims to understand more about the health of children has the potential to prevent disease and disability before it even occurs.

UQ CHRC is composed of a number of research groups conducting research across the spectrum of health - from child nutrition, maternal health and neonatal health, burns and trauma, respiratory disease, environmental health, social and emotional wellbeing, cerebral palsy and rehabilitation, and more.

Our groups work collaboratively within the centre, across UQ, and alongside other industry, government and research partners to understand the factors that ensure health in childhood and to prevent and treat disease and disability.

No matter what our individual research groups are focused on – our collective vision is the same: to prevent disease and disability before it occurs, thereby giving children the gift of life-long health.

Resolving the big questions to benefit our smallest people

From basic science through to clinical research, our researchers are driven to understand the health of children in their early years. They ask questions like:

  • How does maternal health at conception and during pregnancy affect newborn babies?
  • How do we prevent burns in young children?
  • What are normal viruses in young children and will they influence a child developing asthma later on?
  • How long should a mother breastfeed and when should they introduce solids?
  • How does a child’s gut flora influence their likelihood of becoming obese?
  • Can we prevent severe aspects of cerebral palsy by identifying babies early and offering rehabilitation programs soon after birth?

Educating parents and the community

Our research can only be of benefit if we help to make people aware of the ways we can nurture the future health of children. Our researchers are working with industry and government collaborators to produce handy resources for parents, health practitioners and caregivers in the ways they can influence the health of infants, children and adolescents.

Get involved with us

There are many ways you can be part of our research journey - be it through supporting us with funding, by participating in our research studies, by studying or working with us, or through research collaboration. 

Whatever way you choose to be involved, we'd love to hear from you and look forward to working together to bring healthier futures to children everywhere.

Best wishes,

Professor Karen Moritz
Child Health Research Centre

Mission and vision

Our vision is to be internationally recognised as a centre of excellence in child health research that is driven by clinical problems and produces outcomes that directly improve the health of children. We aim to achieve this by working collaboratively and constructively with our partners in the CCHR building: Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Children’s Health Queensland (CHQ).

Our Mission is to:

  • undertake research that addresses important clinical challenges in the area of child health;
  • produce research outcomes that offer the opportunity for immediate translation to improvements in child health;
  • collaborate with QUT and CHQ child health researchers; and
  • contribute to education and training of child health researchers and practitioners.

Our partners

UQ CHRC works closely with other research groups within the Centre for Children’s Health Research building, based at the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital, to place Queensland at the forefront of child and adolescent health research.

The $134 million Centre for Children’s Health Research (CCHR) is an initiative of Queensland Health and is the largest capital investment in child and adolescent health research in Queensland. 

The vision for the CCHR to be a centre for excellence has been achieved by housing health researchers in one location, right next to the state’s specialist paediatric and teaching hospital – in line with international best practice. The goal is to translate research findings into better care and outcomes for patients. 

Partners in the centre include Children’s Health Queensland, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and the Translational Research Institute (TRI). The University of Queensland is also a partner in the CCHR through the UQ Child Health Research Centre.