About our Centre

Launched in 2015, the Child Health Research Centre (CHRC) is The University of Queensland’s premier child and adolescent health and wellbeing research centre. CHRC brings together leading researchers to tackle global challenges in child and adolescent health. Our research aims to understand more about the health of children and adolescents, and the potential to prevent disease and disability before it even occurs.

With mounting evidence that long-term health is influenced by parental health during pre-conception and gestation and throughout a child’s early years, investing research effort into children’s health is critical. With our partners, we also develop novel treatments to improve health and wellbeing of children and adolescents across Queensland and beyond.

CHRC encompasses groups undertaking research across the full spectrum of children’s health and wellbeing - from maternal and neonatal health, respiratory and sleep disorders, cerebral palsy and rehabilitation, musculoskeletal health, allergy, immunology, mental health and neurodevelopment. We also have a strong interest in the social and environmental determinants of health and wellbeing. Our groups work collaboratively within the centre, across UQ, and alongside industry, government and research partners, to understand the factors that ensure health in childhood and to prevent and treat disease and disability, including the impact of the first 2000 days on long-term health and wellbeing.

No matter what our individual research groups are focused on – our collective vision is the same: to give every child a happy and healthy life.

We want to solve the big questions to benefit our smallest people and give our children’s children the best possible life.

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