Understanding parental perceptions in children with neurodevelopmental disorders

20 June 2023

University of Queensland researchers are calling on parents of children with neurodisability (ND) to participate in a sleep survey to improve understanding of treatments for neural conditions.

Associate Professor Jasneek Chawla, a Paediatric Respiratory and Sleep Specialist with the Queensland Children’s Hospital and Academic Title Holder (ATH) with UQ’s Child Health Research Centre, said the sleep survey is part of a national study she is leading on Early Sleep Interventions to Improve Outcomes in Children with Neurodisability.

“This survey will help our research team identify the prevalence of sleep problems in children with ND across Australia,” Dr Chawla said.

“It will also clarify the sleep priorities of families and children with ND, how these are managed and the challenges encountered.

“This information will enable researchers to explore new diagnostic methods and treatments to improve sleep, quality of life and family functioning for these children.”

Neurodevelopmental disorders are a group of conditions that impair motor, social and intellectual function, such as, for example, Down syndrome, Cerebral palsy and Prader Willi Syndrome and begin in early life.

Dr Chawla said sleep is a modifiable factor that, if treated correctly, has the potential to positively impact the health and wellbeing of these children and their families.

“Sleep needs to be recognised as the third pillar of good health, which impacts the entire spectrum of a child’s life and that of their family, she said.

“I encourage families across Australia who have a child with ND to work with us, so we can learn more about how best to help you.” 

Families interested in participating need to complete this Sleep Survey.