Dustin Ballard MD MBE, is faculty member at University of California at Davis in Sacramento and a senior emergency physician with Kaiser Permanente Northern California. He is the CoFounder and Co-Chair of the CREST Network Steering Committee, which oversees a research network encompassing 21 Kaiser Permanente Northern California emergency departments with a total year census of over a million patients. He is currently stationed at University of Auckland on a Fulbright scholarship with the PREDICT Network assisting with the development of clinical practice guidelines for the acute management of mild to moderate paediatric head injury (including concussion).

Knowledge translation attempts to close the gap between proven science and real-time medical care delivery. Historically, the adoption of new, validated evidence into clinical practice has lagged behind by a decade or more – with variable uptake across physicians and settings. Physician and patient-facing clinical decision support systems (CDSS) via electronic health records hold great promise in pushing forward the pace of knowledge translation in the field of medicine.

Dr. Ballard will discuss the process of knowledge diffusion and sustainable practice change in broad strokes and then focus specifically on the utility of condition-specific electronic CDSS in the Emergency Department. Featuring the use cases of minor paediatric blunt head trauma and paediatric abdominal pain with concern for appendicitis, Dr. Ballard will journey through the iterative process of streamlining the physician facing decision support, including auto-populating of variables and consideration of gestalt, with the goal of optimizing knowledge translation.


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