Opening (9–9.45am)

Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country

Opening Keynote: Professor Karen Barlow, University of Queensland and Children’s Health Queensland

Session 1: Epidemiology Theme (9.45–10.30am)

Epidemiology and long-term neurological sequalae of childhood herpes simplex encephalitis

Angela Berkhout, University of Queensland

Genetic analysis of perinatal depression: Does it differ from major depressive disorder?

Jacqueline Kiewa, University of Queensland

Traffic-related air pollution and respiratory health: a cross-sectional study among adolescents in Vietnam

Hong Le, University of Queensland

Morning Tea (10.30-11.00am)

Session 2: Exercise Theme (11am–12pm)

Bronchiectasis - Exercise as Therapy (BREATH): rationale and study protocol for a multi-center randomized controlled trial
Taryn Jones, Queensland University of Technology

Barriers and facilitators of habitual physical activity in children with bronchiectasis: perspectives from children and parents

Taryn Jones, Queensland University of Technology

A goal-directed therapeutic exercise program in paediatric posterior fossa brain tumour survivors: a case study from the Physical ACTivity in Survivorship (PACTS) randomised controlled trial.

Brooke Kohler, Queensland University of Technology

Altered bone mineral content and body composition in children and adolescents with confirmed prenatal alcohol exposure

Sophia Young, University of Queensland

Session 3: Child Development and Health Services Theme (12–1pm)

Understanding ‘social’ perspectives within child development: A qualitative exploration of psychosocial factors and their integration within child development assessments

Gemma Bates, University of Queensland

How personal and organisational factors combine to influence compassion behaviours and outcomes in paediatric nurses.

Janine Hockley, Central Queensland University

A look into the quality of life of children with ABI in Queensland

Nhien Nguyen, University of Queensland

Outcomes of Adenoidectomy Without Tonsillectomy as Treatment for Mild OSA in Children

Rebecca Greenslade, University of Queensland

Lunch (1–1.30pm)

Session 4: Pharmacology Theme (1.30–2.30pm)

Very “handy” point of care methods for antibiotic resistance detection

Abdulrahman Ayfan, University of Queensland

The development of an integrated molecular diagnostic pathway to optimise the treatment of cytomegalovirus in children undergoing haematopoietic stem cell transplant

Jocelyn Hume, University of Queensland

Proinsulin-specific t-cell responses correlate with estimated c-peptide and predict partial remission duration in type 1 diabetes

Yassmin Musthaffa, University of Queensland

A comparison of blood plasma exosome enrichment strategies for proteomic analysis

Natalie Turner, Queensland University of Technology

Afternoon Tea (2.30–3pm)

Session 5: Modelling Theme (3–4.15pm)

External validation of a model-informed precision dosing software for cefotaxime in critically ill children

Quyen Tu, University of Queensland

External validation of a model-informed precision dosing software for vancomycin in critically ill children

Quyen Tu, University of Queensland

Microstructural damage following pediatric mild traumatic brain injury does not significantly affect current flow during transcranial direct current stimulation

Athena Stein, University of Queensland

Clinical Epidemiology of Gram-negative Bloodstream Infections in Hospitalised Australian Children in 2019 – A PAEDS Network Study

Sophie Wen, Children’s Health Queensland

Closing remarks


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