About Dr Christopher Kelly

Dr. Christopher Kelly is a clinician research scientist working in Google Health’s artificial intelligence imaging and diagnostics team. He focuses on the safe translation of Google’s artificial intelligence research into real clinical impact. Prior to joining Google, he completed a PhD in neonatal neuroimaging at King’s College London. As a clinician, he created an award-winning smartphone app called NeoMate, used worldwide to support doctors and nurses looking after sick newborn infants. He continues to practise part-time as a neonatologist on the neonatal intensive care unit at St Thomas’ Hospital, London. Alongside medicine, Chris previously founded and sold two internet companies and is an active angel investor in technology start-ups.


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About Era of Digital Medicine

A collaboration by The University of Queensland and the University of Zurich, and supported by the Global Strategy and Partnerships Funding Scheme, the Era of Digital Medicine webinar series features talks by internationally renowned researchers in the fields of digital medicine, healthcare engineering, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Thanks to breakthroughs in the application of computational science in health, the promise of embedded data algorithms to assist clinical decision making is becoming clear. Combining these advances with the data-rich paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) environment presents a unique opportunity to conduct high-quality research to benefit the sickest children. There is an urgent need to address crucial research questions through large, multi-centre studies, incorporating traditional (clinical trials) and cutting-edge methodologies (machine learning and personalised medicine approaches).