Researcher biography

Andrew is a trained paediatric respiratory and sleep scientist working at the Queensland Children's Hospital. He has recently completed his PhD looking at (1) the effect of early childhood respiratory infection on lifelong lung function, (2) lung function as a future predictor of cardiovascular morbidity and all-cause mortality, (3) the effect specialist paediatric and adult respiratory outreach services are having on the lung function of children and adults seen and treated, and (4) which spirometry reference equation is most appropriate for use in Australian First Nations children and adults, and (5) has developed moving age-for-height fractional exhaled nitirc oxide (FeNO) reference values for use Australian First Nations childen and adults to faciliate better interpretation of FeNO test results. His current research is focused around improving paediatriac sleep disordered breathing diagnosis and monitoring using technologies such as novel devices and artificial intelligence, particularly in children with neurodisability.