Researcher biography

Broadly speaking, Dr Hill is interested in paediatric nutrition and body composition research. Her main foci are in the areas of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and other gastroenterological conditions; and food allergy and intolerance.

After the award of First Class Honours in 1998, Dr Hill commenced a PhD which was completed early 2003. Of note, one of the publications arising from this work, a review published in the British Journal of Nutrition (impact factor: 3.072) has, to date, been cited over 400 times (Google Scholar, accessed 13.11.15); which places this paper third out of all the papers cited in that journal for that year.

Dr Hill has presented her research findings at numerous International and National conferences, as well as many local research and community meetings. She regularly reviews manuscripts for international peer review journals (for example, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Acta Paediatrica) and has been an active member of her professional societies, including Nutrition Australia (Chair – Qld Branch 2007-2008) and the Nutrition Society of Australia (Treasurer – Qld Branch 2010). Dr Hill is also a financial member of the Gastroenterological Society of Australia and a member of their IBD interest group, and the ANZ and international Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) Society.

Dr Hill currently supervises PhD students investigating such topics as 1) maternal dietary manipulation for the treatment of infant colic; and 2) the development of gut microbiota in the second year of life. Aside from ongoing projects in inflammatory bowel disease, Dr Hill currently manages an international clinical trial investigating the benefits of Growing Up Milk (Lite), i.e. toddler milk, on growth and development of 1-2 year olds, which is a collaboration with the University of Auckland. Dr Hill is currently working at the Children's Nutrition Research Centre (CNRC) in Brisbane where she is a member of the Executive Committee and the Deputy Scientific Director. In addition to these roles, she is the Theme Leader for Gastroenterology, Food Allergy and Intolerance research at this centre.

In summary, Dr Hill is a Paediatric Nutritionist with a particular interest in the gut as the major immune organ of the body and how insults to the gut environment affect later health and the development of non-communicable diseases such as allergy, obesity and autoimmune conditions (e.g. IBD).

Areas of research