Project Title: Parenting Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Chief Investigators

Dr Koa Whittingham, Dr Jeanie Sheffield, Professor Roslyn Boyd. 

About the Study

We have developed an innovative online approach to parenting support for families of children with cerebral palsy – ‘PARENT101’. But, we need your help to ensure that PARENT101 hits the mark!
The purpose of this study is to test whether PARENT101 makes a difference to families of children with cerebral palsy and to get your valuable input. With your help, we hope to develop PARENT101 into an effective and useful online parenting support package and to make PARENT101 accessible to parents of children with cerebral palsy across the world.

PACT is based on behavioural parenting interventions and parental emotional responsiveness. Content includes: understanding parenting stress, exploring of the workability of struggling with parenting stress, understanding parenting values, understanding and practicing mindfulness, accepting emotions and promoting emotional resilience. PACT incorporates: virtual presentations, MP3 guided mindfulness exercises, emails, text messages, web-based exercises with feedback and Skype sessions with a child psychologist. 

Recruitment Criteria

You can participate in this study if:

  • you are the parent (including adoptive, step parent or legal guardian) of a child aged from two to six years with cerebral palsy.
  • you have reliable internet access and a mobile phone.


Dr Koa Whittingham, Ph: +61 7 3069 7346 or E: