PREDICT CP (Comprehensive Surveillance to Predict Outcomes for Children with CP)


Chief Investigators

Prof Roslyn Boyd, Prof Peter Davies, Prof Jenny Ziviani, Prof Stewart Trost, Dr Lee Barber, Dr Robert Ware, Prof Stephen Rose, Dr Koa Whittingham,  Dr Kristie Bell

Associate Investigators

Prof Paul Scuffham, Dr Chris Carty, A/Prof John Walsh, Ms Megan Kentish, Dr Priya Edwards, Dr Lisa Copeland, Ms Kelly Weir, Dr Leanne Sakzewski, Dr Andrea Guzzetta, Dr Denise Brookes, Prof Alan Coulthard, Dr K Benfer, Mr Owen Lloyd, A/Prof J Byrnes, Dr J Fripp, Dr K Pannek

Funding source

National Health and Medical Research Council

About the study

In this study we are aiming to investigate the relationship between brain development and physical capacity, growth, physical activity, communication, cognition, participation and educational outcomes of children (between ages 8 and 12) who have cerebral palsy. 

This project will provide a comprehensive assessment of outcomes to inform the development of timely and effective interventions and predict future outcomes for children with cerebral palsy.  Families with children with cerebral palsy, born in Queensland during the birth years 2006-2011, are asked to participate in the PREDICT CP study in a one-off visit over 1.5 days.

The PREDICT CP study is a unique opportunity to re-examine these early relationships, and examine definitive outcomes at maturation of motor development and relate them to health care costs and utilisation. We will conduct advanced dMRI at 8-9 years at the Herston Imaging Research Facility (HIRF) to build a prediction model of later outcome. These data would provide health care providers and parents with prediction models of outcomes essential for tailoring interventions (rehabilitation, orthopaedic surgery, nutritional supplements) to improve outcomes and the projected costs and consequences of health care utilisation at this critical period of attainment of motor development. Our prospective longitudinal data would inform the provision of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Recruitment criteria

If your child was born in Queensland during the birth years 2006 to 2011, and has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, we would love to include them in our study. Please see our Study Flyer for more information on what's involved in the study, and the long-term benefits to CP Research.



Dr Shaneen Leishman, Clinical Research Coordinator, Ph: +61 7 3069 7354 or E: 


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