Working at CCHR

This page details the processes and procedures to assist you in carrying out daily activities within the CCHR building. Please don't hesitate to contact the UQ CHRC team on if you require further infomation, support or would like us to add any information to the below list.

New Staff and Building Access

Obtaining a Proximity Card for a new staff member

Do you have a new staff member starting in your group? 

Please email to obtain a proximity card application form and instructions for helping your new staff member access the CCHR building.

Compulsory Staff Inductions

All staff who are issued a proximity card are required to complete an online Mandatory Site Induction and General and First Response Instruction / Fire & Emergency Instruction. This will be sent to staff when they apply for building access.

Additional inductions will be required for staff who work on the Level 5, Clinical Facility, and the laboratories on level 8.

To arrange clinical floor and laboratory inductions, contact CCHR Reception.


Parking and Getting to CCHR

Research Participant Parking

There are a number of bookable car parks available underneath the CCHR building for research participants and their families. To book these car parks, please contact CCHR Reception.

General Parking South Brisbane

The CCHR is located in a busy inner-city precinct and parking options are extremely limited. It is recommended that staff use public transport when possible.

Three public car parks are available in the hospital precinct for staff, patients, families and visitors. These include:

  • Queensland Children’s Hospital basement car park
  • The Mater Hancock Street car park
  • The Mater Hill car park

All car parks are operated by Mater Health Services. For information about parking costs, visit the Mater Health Services website.

Download the Mater Parking FAQ

Public Transport

The CCHR is within easy walking distances of regular bus, train and ferry services.


Mater Hill Busway Station, part of Translink’s South East Busway, is located on Stanley Street, approximately 100m from QCH.


South Bank Train Station is about 350m from Queensland Children’s Hospital. There are regular services to Roma Street Station’s Transit Centre, which is only two stops from South Bank. Trains also run frequently between South Bank Station and the Gold Coast.

 CityCat and City Ferry

Three ferry terminals located along Clem Jones Promenade at South Bank, approximately 500m from the hospital.

For further information and timetables, see the Translink website or phone 13 12 30.



Visitor Sign In

Visitors are required to sign in at reception and must be escorted at all times.

Visitor Lab Access

Please note that visitors to the laboratory must obain prior permission and complete a full lab induction. To book a lab induction contact Jacky Hung, ph: +61 7 3069 7492

Visitor Proximity Cards

Visitor proximity cards are available for guests that are staying for one day, or for up to five days.Visitors staying in the building longer than five days must complete the building induction and fire and emergency training modules. Please email CCHR Reception to obtain a visitor card, or phone +61 7 3069 7362.

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is extremely limited and the preferred option is to request visitors to use public transport where possible. If you require parking for a visitor, please contact CCHR Reception.

Download visitor parking map and information

Mail and Deliveries


Deliveries arriving at the delivery dock will be received by the dock manager who will contact the relevant person for each delivery, who will then go to the loading dock to collect.  The CCHR receptionist will receive mail and ensure it is distributed.  Please note the incoming and outgoing mail process is still to be finalised, please contact your organisational representative.



Trays for outgoing mail are located at reception on level 2. 

  • The courier collects the mail daily from reception at 11am. 
  • Incoming mail is delivered to the incoming mail trays in the printing rooms.
  • Large parcels usually come through the loading dock and are delivered by the loading dock supervisor.





IT and Printing

UQ IT Support

UQ has IT staff on site at CCHR to assist with your needs. They are located at desk 640 on level 6, CCHR on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

for the contact details of our on-site IT staff, please visit our Staff Directory page, and filter by Information Technology.

To request support anytime, please contact the ITS Help Desk by emailing

Printer Access

To access CCHR printers, please contact our IT team to request support by emailing

Please note there is the option to set up confidential printing through the Multi-Function Devices in the CCHR.

Printing is currently not monitored but costs have been escalating recently. Please think of the trees and of our budgets! Consider printing in grayscale, setting to "locked print", or printing documents back-to-back to conserve paper wherever possible.

Overflow printing trays will be cleared every Friday so don't forget to check them.

Remember to contact reception if you change the toner in the printer so she can order more if required.


Room and Parking Bookings

Meeting rooms and car parks for research participants and visitors are booked via a web-based Windows Outlook 365 application. Access to this system is currently restricted to key staff.

Rooms are booked on a ‘first in first served’ basis; however CCHR management will retain oversight to ensure equal and fair access to facilities, particularly those that are in high demand.

To book a meeting room or car park, contact CCHR Reception.

Download visitor parking map and information


Cleaning, Broken Equipment or Facilities


CCHR Cleaning contractors do not vacuum all floors every day. If you notice an area that requires cleaning attention, please contact MediRest by dialling HELP (4357) on your phone.

CCHR Equipment and Facilities

Whether you have a broken drawer, a filing cabinet that won't close probably, audiovisual equipment that won't work in the CCHR meeting rooms or any other maintenance issue related to the CCHR building, please report to Medirest by dialling HELP (4357) on your phone.

You will need to ensure you are present if an assessment of the situation is required by a tradesman. Please ensure that you also make reception or​ aware of the issue so they can provide support if required, or direct tradesmen to the right location.

UQ Equipment 

Broken equipment eg.computers, that belong to UQ must be reported to

Facilities and Resources for Staff Use

Teleconferencing and Phone System

Note that all desk phones at CCHR have the ability for teleconferencing calls.

Download CISCO phone instructions here 

Videoconferencing System

Videoconferencing facilities are available at CCHR.

Download Videoconferencing instructions here

B-Line Video System

The B-Line Video system has been installed into four rooms within the Level 5 Clinical Floor at CCHR. 

Download B-Line instructions here

The system allows for high quality video capture of research subjects for groups that need to record patient behaviour or activities as part of a research project. The system is available for use by all staff at CCHR, irrespective of the organisation with which you are affiliated.

Access Procedure for Non-UQ Staff

  1. Email and cc. Luke Angel (
  2. Cut and paste the following information into your message:

Dear ITS team,

I am a researcher at CCHR and require access to the B-Line video system on Level 5.  I require a special account type as per the accounts established for Jacky Hung. 

  • Surname: (insert here)
  • First Name: (insert here)
  • Current email address: (insert here)
  • Date of Birth: (insert here)
  • End Date for account: (insert here)

Training can be arranged if required. Please contact for assistance.


First Aid and Fire

First Aid 

  • First aid kits: are located in the kitchens on level 4, 6 and 8 of the CCHR Building
  • Paediatric Emergencies: In the case of a life threatening medical emergency in a child, immediately call 555 (from an internal phone). State that it is a “Code Blue” and request the Medical Emergency Team. Please provide them with details of your location e.g. CCHR, Level 5, Room 1. Send someone to the lift to meet the MET and show them where the child is.
  • Adults/Staff: In the case of a life threatening medical emergency, immediately call ‘000’ (or ‘0 000’ from an internal phone). For other medical issues, please visit the Mater hospital emergency department.

Do not move a seriously injured person unless they are in further danger. Dial ‘000’ for a medical emergency. Tell the dispatcher the location and nature of the emergency.  Employees and students must notify their immediate supervisor of all work related illnesses and injuries, including submitting an online form.

First Aid and Fire Wardens

First aid and fire wardens are located on each floor. 

Download First Aid and Fire Warden List