The importance of child health research 

Child health is a critical area to invest research effort with evidence mounting that a person's later health is heavily influenced by their health at conception, during gestation and in their early years of life. 

Research that aims to understand more about the health of children has the potential to prevent disease and disability before it even occurs. 

The UQ Child Health Research Centre draws research inspiration from our close ties with the clinical environment, and by listening to the needs of parents, clinicians, government bodies and industry partners.

Our research groups

Our Centre has many research groups dedicated to understanding more about the health of children. These groups aim to prevent disease and disability by exploring a range of factors that influence child health including:

  • the health of mothers and fathers at conception and during pregnancy,
  • an infant’s early nutrition,
  • a child’s body composition and growth,
  • the impact of prematurity on brain development and function,
  • a child’s early exposures to viruses and infectious diseases, and
  • a child’s early exposures to environmental toxins and hazards.

In addition to understanding the factors that contribute to health, researchers are also working to improve the ability to diagnose and detect disease and disability as early as possible.

No matter what our individual research groups are focused on – our collective vision is the same: to prevent disease and disability before it occurs, thereby giving children the gift of life-long health.

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Research Support

Research support

There are a range of initiatives in place to support researchers at the Child Health Research Centre. 

The UQ R&I Research Grants Unit
Our unit provides UQ researchers with professional support in pursuing, applying for and administering research funding, inclusive of all sources but with a focus on competitive schemes.

Child Health Queensland research governance
Research governance is the process whereby institutions ensure that research conducted under their auspices are properly accounted and governed and includes ethics, site specific assessments, etc.

Ethics and research integrity
The University of Queensland is committed to encouraging its researchers to conduct their research and scholarship with integrity.

CHRC staff and students page
This is a useful webpage with handy resources for all CHRC staff and students.


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