Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder research collaboration

Our work aims to improve the health and wellbeing of children who have experienced prenatal alcohol exposure/fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and their families.

Firstly, through investigating ways to improve prevention of prenatal alcohol exposure. It is common for many people in Australia to be consuming alcohol before they know that they are pregnant. Whilst some people are able to stop drinking once they find out they are pregnant; for others it can be very difficult as they may not have received the type of supports needed to be able to stop drinking. 

For those who have experienced prenatal alcohol exposure we aim to investigate ways of improving assessment, diagnosis, and support. Ensuring that children and adolescents are provided with holistic and integrated care that meets their physical, developmental and wellbeing needs. Additionally, we understand that it can be very challenging for parents, caregivers and families caring for children with prenatal alcohol exposure/fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and thus, our research and clinic also focuses on how we can better support and improve caregiver and family wellbeing.



Lisa AkisonDr Lisa Akison

Lecturer, School of Biomedical Sciences


Linda GalloDr Linda Gallo

UQ Amplify Lecturer, School of BIomedical Sciences


Matthew GulloAssociate Professor Matthew Gullo

NHMRC TRIP Fellow, National Centre for Youth Substance Use Research

Tanya RoseDr Tanya Rose

Honorary Senior Lecturer, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Hannah GulloDr Hannah Gullo

Lecturer in Occupational Therapy, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Vicki CliftonProfessor Vicki Clifton

Honorary Professor, Mater Research Institute-UQ


Associate Professor Honey Heussler

ATH - Associate Professor, Child Health Research Centre




Our neurodevelopmental clinic was established to provide assessment, diagnosis, and evidence-based treatment for children with prenatal alcohol exposure and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Our clinic is a joint initiative between the University of Queensland (Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences) and Children’s Health Queensland.

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More information and referrals: ndclinic@uq.edu.au

Our clinic provides vital services for children with confirmed or suspected prenatal alcohol exposure and/or fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).

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